Can Investing make you a millionaire?

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”

Remember in childhood we wondered like “Does money grows on a Money plant”? Well I’m pretty much sure this sounds stupid but fairly speaking we all believed in this and then we grew up and realized it was complete foolishness. But wait there’s another fortune and trust me it\’s practical and not some fantasy magic wand and most of us probably don’t know much about it. This is an avenue where you can park your hard-earned savings into some assets and eventually these assets will increase in value over a certain period of time and will surely give you some handsome savings in the future for a Europe trip or a destination wedding in the Bahamas. So let’s explore what this whole opportunity all about and understand the need behind this.

So you must be wondering what exactly are we talking about?

Before jumping into this we all know that there are simply two ways to earn money in the modern world firstly you work for someone else or have your own business/Start up like that of Elon Musk or Mukesh Ambani and Secondly is through Investing . Yes we’ll be discussing about Investing starting from very basic, the need of hour for the Novice Investors to start Investing.

In laymen terms ” putting  (money) into financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit”. Let me start asking from you ‘ ”have you heard about Investing a big “NO”. Let’s forget about us our own  parents even don’t know much about options available. They have pretty much clear Investment options like Real-Estate, Bank FDs, Gold that’s it. No I’m not saying that’s bad idea but I they are illiquid Assets i.e you can’t encash them in need and requires a huge Investment to earn decent returns. On the other hand if we talk about Investments in Stock Markets, Mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, Corporate debt Schemes does not require heavy Investments and you can start as low as ₹100 to start building your portfolio in very early age to create handsome financial worth earliest as possible.  So I’m sure you are much clear regarding Investing Moving  forward Let’s find out the need for one to Invest.

  1. Compounding

Everyone has Heard a golden statement from a genius Mind Albert Einstein “Compounding is the Eighth Wonder of the World One who knows it Earns it and who doesn’t pay it”. It’s very well true earning money on the money already earned and creating wealth over time.


Do you want to be Ajay or Vijay? Well, you’re guessing right my friend!!

  • Beat Inflation

Year 2019 1 litre full Cream Milk =₹50.          Year 2020 1 litre full Cream Milk =₹52.

You see the difference in the price of the same items changed over a course of 1 year it\’s due to inflation. Generally, the inflation rate in the Indian Economy is 5%. So you would lose 4 to5% of our money every year if kept as cash. Returns from investing help you to maintain the purchasing power at a constant level. If you don’t beat the inflation rate you’d be losing money, not making money.


You see that if you had ₹100 bucks in 2010 the things that you can buy in 2021.

  • Retirement planning

You worked so hard your professional career and at retirement age you wants to live life with some peace without thinking much about Your income. Investments can act as your passive income and financial dependency upon other is reduced drastically


So I’m sure after going through this article you realised why one should be early bird while planning for  Investing. But be careful Investing does not means you open your terminal  i.e demat account and start betting on equity directly without any prior knowledge as this can blow up your savings. Remember Investing is simple but not Easy. There are various assets classes in which you can invest your money like mutual funds, bonds, ETFs, liquid funds , index funds and many more. Don’t worry we’ll be discussing them in upcoming articles because we got you covered

Till then Happy Investing!!

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