Emergency need of Funds? MoneyLoji to rescue

“Nothing helps you sleep better at night than knowing you have source of availing money in times of Emergency”


The entire world economy has been reeling under the clouds of uncertainty created by the Covid-19 Pandemic and this has given us a great lesson that in life one should always be prepared for uncertainties. Entire businesses and corporate houses were ordered to close their operations leaving a mass crowd of employees unemployed. Several workers lost their jobs and faced salary cuts /unpaid leaves and what not but one cannot postpone his financial obligations like children school/ college fees, home/auto loans and apart from this in a country like India with most of the population is under huge Cash crunch the situation is quite critical. In order for you and your business to tide over the uncertainties, a personal loan can act as a boon, and imagine getting it within 5 minutes that too with fewer formalities, less documentation, and a completely digital process. In today’s article we’ll be talking about the instant loan app MoneyLoji and how can you use this magic wand to bring your financial distress back on track.

How can you use  MoneyLoji for availing instant loan?

Before I introduce you to MoneyLoji let’s understand what is happening nowadays. With hundreds of instant loan apps that are floating in the Market many novice professionals get trapped in some fishy and fake apps that offer loans at cheap Interest rates but at the time of repayment in most cases its seen that they end by paying exorbitant interest and frankly speaking, they can’t do anything about it since most of us don’t read terms and conditions and end up trusting the institutions which are made to pursue fraudulent objectives.

To bridge the gap between these issues and bring simplicity alongside transparency in whole instant credit facilities MoneyLoji has taken initiative to serve the financial needs of every person who is in emergency need of Funds. Imagine getting funds in your account within 5 minutes and flat processing fees and every time you avail any credit facilities you get exclusive deals, offers, and discounts. Now you must be wondering this might be some joke or gimmick but  “when time is money We got you covered”

Benefits of Using MoneyLoji  

  • You get instant access to credit no matter how small your loan needs. Get an instant loan from 10,000 onwards
  •  It’s a complete digital process that hardly takes less than 5 minutes. Starting from applying to approval of loan.
  •  In order to avail personal loan facility Most of the lenders want CIBIL score of more than 650 but do not worry most of the borrowers feel the same way and you know we care for your needs so we’ve adopted the latest AI-Enabled technology that processes your eligibility taking in Consideration of each and every factor so that only less CIBIL score does not become a hindrance in availing loans.

What is the entire process of personal loan Application?

So in this part of the article, we’ll be understanding the whole application process but before that make sure you’ve downloaded the MoneyLoji app from Google Play Store or Apple Store (Coming soon)

  •  After you’ve downloaded MoneyLoji app Register yourself through mobile number and OTP
  • Fill in your basic details (Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Pin Code, Email, and Marital Status).
  • Provide us your current residential address, employment details, and office address (required for personal loans).
  • Click on Personal Loan and select the address you are applying from.
  • Take and upload your selfie. You cannot upload photos from your phone. (Make sure your face is clearly visible)
  • Upload a photo of the PAN Card. You can either take a photo or upload it from the gallery photo in case you don’t have it around.
  • After this On screen, you are shown a list of lenders available on our platform. Choose the tenure and loan amount you wish to take a loan for. You can also check pre-payment charges, processing fees levied by various lenders.
  • Upload your KYC documents. Here you can choose to upload Aadhaar only, or 2 out of 3 documents (Voter ID, Driver\’s License, or Passport) in case you do not have an Aadhaar card.
  • Upload your financial documents (Bank statement with account number & IFSC code visible) and Appointment Letter or Salary Slips.
  • Wait for the system to process your eligibility.
  • Upon success, select the amount and tenure you are eligible for and authorize the transaction.
  • Get the amount credited to your bank account instantly.

So this was a basic guide of how you can avail of the personal loan facility by MoneyLoji. Now I’m pretty much sure that you have a complete understanding of the whole procedure and Incase you have any doubts regarding the offers, discounts or maybe product you can connect with us at details mentioned on our official website

By clicking here We welcome you to the MoneyLoji family.

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